Liquid sorbitol

Liquid sorbitol is a bright, odorless and colorless liquid, yet possessing a sweet taste. It is a type of alcoholic sugar, used as an artificial sweetener and as a sugar substitute in the food industry. It is about 40% less sweet than sugar and has a lower caloric value. It is resistant to high temperatures, it is very liquid soluble, and it is also being used as a stabilizer and preservative in making food products, such as cakes, sweets, ice creams, canned meat and vegetables, carbonated beverages, jellies and chewing gum. It adds a sweet taste to food products and does prevents them being dried out, due to its ability to retain moisture. Due to its properties, it is widely used in food industry as a sweetener and is marked E420. In cosmetics industry it is found in creams, ointments, shampoos and toothpastes.

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