Company profile

Company profile

Leading importers in Israel

Moga International, a family-owned private company, is the leading importer in Israel of various high quality and Kosher raw materials for the food industry, such as dried vegetables and fruits, spices and food additives. Having generations of experience behind it, the company maintains a constant and available stock, along comprehensive ISO 9001:2000 certified quality control, and supplies its products in a routine manner to many manufacturers, among which – the biggest in Israel. Moga company has constantly grown and expanded on course of the years of its activity, yet it continues to maintain its family character, granting added value to its clients.

A winning combination of quality and Kashrut

Moga company provides various Kashrut solutions, including Kashrut for Passover, for a variety of high-quality products. The company has rich experience in finding Kashrut solutions for raw materials in the food industry, in collaboration with many Kashrut institutions in Israel and around the world, tailor making it to the unique needs of each client.

Advanced technology

The company holds advanced computerized warehouses, while implementing control systems and technological solutions among the leading ones in Israel. Computerized inventory management systems guarantee significant benefits for company’s clients, including accessibility to each product, online follow-up, full control over item status at each given moment and, of course – accurate and rapid supply. State-of-the-art air conditioning system within company’s warehouses ensures that the quality of the products is maintained under optimal temperature, ventilation, hygiene, and cleaning conditions for long time. Moga owns offices and a fleet of trucks, which allows direct and efficient management of all logistics aspects. Furthermore, its strategic location, adjacent to main transportation arteries of Israel, grants the company an advantage in terms of supply and accessibility


Excellence in service

Moga considers itself committed to providing a service, based on professionalism and quality, while providing a personal and dedicated attitude and safeguarding the interests of its client throughout the way, to grant them a sense of security and long-term satisfaction. Moga recognizes the value of a professional and skilled personnel, and employs a team of dedicated, dynamic, and creative employees, who think one step ahead and have an impressive ability to successfully cope with any challenge. The company believes in cultivation of human resources, as an essential infrastructure for success in all areas of its activity, thus investing greatly in its employees and taking care of their training and well-being in a supportive work environment. Moga’s personnel works in full and ongoing coordination with vendors and clients,to provide a solution to any need and assure rapid delivery to each client.